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Episode XXII: Simply Filling & Sprengel Plan Review (plus another Giveaway!)

Hello friends!

We start this episode with a recap of our Rock’n’Roll 1/2 marathon recap – how did we do? Did we meet our goals? We definitely had a great time, and recommend the races to folks who want to try running at any distance from 5K to full marathon.

Before the race – trying to ignore those low-hanging clouds…
After the race – proud of crushing those goals!

In the Weigh In, Greg continues to battle his way back to goal. Find out what’s been up on that front, and what new challenges he’s facing.

In our Freestyle discussion, we tackle “Boost Self Esteem”. How can your self esteem affect your weight loss journey, and what can you do about it. Well, be your own BFF for one!

We share another recipe from “Yes, Italian!” for our Recipe Corner. Get ready to enjoy the Porchetta Spiced Chicken with Broccolini! You can also find it on the Weight Watchers website and app if you don’t have the book. Here’s the link to the recipe!

We also share our thoughts now that we’ve been following slightly different versions of the Weight Watchers plans. Greg has been adapting his Freestyle points to the Sprengel23 Plan and Tab has been following Simply Filling. We share our thoughts on the pros and cons of what we’re doing and whether or not we’ll keep following these plans. (For the record, it can be tricky to find a lot of information about Simply Filling on the WW websites, so do some digging, ask around on Connect, and use the Help feature on your app. When in doubt, you can always ask your leader for information.)

We have a winner for the Weight Watchers Food Chopper – congratulations to Rosella Parretta of Canada! We’ll be shipping your prize off soon!

Our next prize is the one and only “Yes, Italian!” Cookbook! We’ll be using Instagram to give this one away, so look for the post announcing the giveaway shortly.

Looking ahead a couple of episodes, we’ll be doing another “Ask Us Anything” episode, so get your questions ready. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

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