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Episode Three – Guess What? It’s Yogurt

Welcome to our third episode of Watchin’ Weight. We asked you all a question on the sosh-medes; would you rather hear our thoughts on an Instant Pot, or on an air fryer?

Well today’s episode has the results, and our honest thoughts on the item of your choice! Have a listen, and let us know if you agree.

We also talk about our weigh ins, our thoughts on what it means for us to “Move more” and rate the recipe we teased last week – the Egg Roll Bowl! (spoiler: it’s delish!)

Here’s the rough draft of how we did it, recipe-wise. If the photos of the recipe aren’t working out for you, let us know. We’d love to get a more recipe-format-friendly site, but seem to have Widget and Plugins restrictions with this blubrry hosted site.


Looking for an Egg Roll, but don't want to go the deep fried route? Try this healthy alternative!
Egg Roll Bowl


You can find Tab on Nike+ by searching for her name (Tabetha Wells), and let us know if you’re running any races in the Chicago area this spring/summer so we can keep each other motivated in training!

Have a great week!