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Episode Four: The Acapella Episode

This week we had a tech setback. Greg’s computer, where all of our sound cues live, has decided to take a nap. We’re working on getting it sorted out, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy our solution.

This week we discuss our weigh ins, but it’s not business as usual. Spoiler alert: Greg has reached his goal! It’s exciting, but it also means a shift in how he works the program, and he talks about how it’s affecting him mentally.

Amber Linde
Amber Linde is a talented improviser specializing in musical improv, an instructor at The Second City, a regular performer at iO. When not pursuing her art, she also works for such organizations as Deborah’s Place and Chicago House. Feel free to reach out to her on Facebook or Connect!

We also have our very first interview with the talented and hard-working Amber Linde. When she’s not teaching, performing, studying for her social work degree, or putting in hours actually doing social work, and planning her wedding, she’s somehow finding time to fit in exercise, and practicing the Weight Watchers program. If you ever struggle with priorities or time management, have a listen to how Amber handles it!