Episode XXI: The Big Sugar Controversy! (and new Archer Farms Ice Cream flavors)

Hello friends! We hope you had a great week! We’re back with Episode 21 – or XXI if you’re Roman.

This episode we share about an activity we participated in – an Historic Fun Run about the Great Chicago Fire hosted by Fleet Feet Chicago. We learned a lot about the fire, and Chicago while burning a lot of Activity Points – win/win!

The Route


Formerly the O’Leary Barn


St. Patrick’s Church – survived the fire and is the oldest church in Chicago.
The site of the Haymarket Affair – a workers’ uprising.
Crossing the river.
We added some miles after the fun-run.


Don’t worry, Buddy got some Activity Points this week, too.

Would you believe we actually went to WEIGH IN this week? We share how it went.

The Freestyle Weekly topic was “Be Sugar Savvy”. It was very controversial in our meeting room – was that the case in your meeting room as well? We dig a little deeper and try and figure out why – bear in mind we are not doctors, we’re just trying to understand the topic. Weigh in with your own opinions.

In Recipe Corner, we share a “scandalous” recipe for Pasta Puttanesca. We don’t have the rights to reprint it, but we share the details on our podcast, so have a listen. It’s honestly just “throw a bunch of salty stuff in a pan and add cooked spaghetti”, but slightly more refined. You can also find it in the “Yes, Italian” cookbook from Weight Watchers, or by clicking this link directly to the recipe on the Weight Watchers website.

And did you know that Archer Farms (of Target Fame) has it’s own low-sugar, high-protein ice cream now? Well, we tried 4 of the flavors and we break them down for you. (Spoiler: they’re GOOD)

We also found two new flavors of Quest Protein Bars that are great. Peanut Butter Brownie Smash and Maple Waffle Protein Bar.
Check them out!

Finally: We announce the winner of our first raffle! The winner of the Weight Watchers tote, Weight Watchers colored pencils and Weight Watchers note book is….. Samantha Martin of Kentucky. Congratulations!! Your prize will be on it’s way shortly!

And we have a new raffle starting NOW! Go and enter our raffle for a Weight Watcher “Food Chopper” by visiting our Facebook Page and following the instructions there on the “Giveaways” tab. Good luck!

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