Episode 20: Giveaway Time!

Hello Friends!

This week we bring you up to date on our return to Chicago and the fun we had at the #WWGood event in Lincoln Park. We had a blast! If the event is coming to your town, be sure to go!

Way to go WW for providing fresh fruits and vegetables to families in need.
We’re out here doing GOOD!
Drink your water, people!

Fun with props!
Side note: We could easily eat a bunch of grapes this large.
Getting our “Move” on.
Enjoying some inspirational speakers.

Then we focus on how Greg did with his dad visiting. Maybe you’ll recognize the decisions he made, or the struggle of “how do I stay on plan without being a party-pooper”. Can you?

No weigh in this week so we did another Double Freestyle talk. We cover “Boost your Body Image” and what that means to each of us, as well as “Bring on the BBQ” – always a good reminder on how to manage those food-focused celebrations.

But let’s be honest – it’s all about the giveaway so go enter!! You can enter at our Facebook page by clicking this linkhttp://gvwy.io/q8sa244 It’s live until Wednesday, July 18.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 20: Giveaway Time!

  1. First of all … I love, love, love your podcast!!! Love it – love your energy and all the tips and tricks you share with us related to your success on Weight Watchers. But that being said – episode 20 was my least favourite of all your episodes for one simple reason. As someone who has a number of pounds to lose to achieve goal .. it is one thing to listen to conversation about indulgent times – but a detailed (rather long) play by play of all indulgent food eaten (and periodic gushing about the deliciousness)?? Hmm … first time in 20 episodes I had to push the stop button and take a break. 🙁 Episode idea: could you find time in an episode to talk about how you started running? Safe ways to begin running – can anyone be a runner?

    1. Hi Shannon,

      You’re absolutely right, we spent a lot of time talking about the food. We hoped that it would give a scope of how “off the rails” things got so people would know we’re not perfect, but we probably didn’t need to go so deep. Thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep it in mind.

      And we’d be happy to talk more about running. (Tab always wants to, but is afraid of people not wanting it to turn into a “running” podcast.) We will definitely add it to our list of topics to include coming up.

      Thank for listening, and for taking the time to reach out!
      Tab & Greg (& Buddy)

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