Episode 19: Dim Sum Race and then Some

We’re still tucked tightly into our way-back machine, getting caught up on our very busy June events.

This episode, we’ll tell you all about the very cute “Dim Sum and then Some 5K” we ran in our neighborhood, and how it landed Tab in the ER.

The Start/Finish line was literally on our street!
There was a good turnout.]
I mean – that’s a pretty big range of pace right there.
AKA Tab’s people.
Here’s Tab crossing the finish line!
We got Dim Sum!
Buddy appreciated that it’s the year of the dog!
An attempt at a soreness recovery drink – a Golden (turmeric) Latte.
Everything’s fine.

We also talk about how 5K races (or longer!) can be very motivational and inspirational as well as very affirming. We really encourage folks to try it out if they’re even a little bit curious.

There was also a trip to Toronto to talk about – we ventured north for the weekend to attend Greg’s mom’s memorial event, and so that leads to a discussion about family events where you don’t control the food, and now we navigated this potentially emotional event,. How did we manage?

In Freestyle talk, we doubled up, visiting the “Plan your Summer” topic and “Zero Point Foods”. Do we have plans for the summer? Do we eat anything *other* than zero point foods? Tune in!

There’s lots of very real talk in this episode, so we hope you’re ready.

And finally, in our Sneak Peek – Greg’s dad visited – did they eat anything *other* than ice cream while he was here? Are you planning to register for any of the races at runDisney’s Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World in January? Oh, and we’re hosting a bunch of GIVEAWAYS for the next few weeks! Go check it out – sneak peek – the first one is LIVE NOW!!  Click this link or go to our Facebook page and use the “Giveaway” tab on the left side of the page.

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