Episode 17: We’re Back!

Hello friends! We are finally back with Episode 17 where we start to fill you in on what’s been up with us for the last month. We hop in the WayBack Machine to fill in the blanks.

We’re on our way!

This episode focuses on family visit in Florida, did we manage to stay on track while we were traveling?

We also talk about the weekly Freestyle topic – “be here now” all about embracing mindfulness. Greg’s all in. Tab’s not sure.

There’s a Recipe Recap, based on a delightful Salmon Panzanella salad we had when visiting family, but we don’t have the recipe. We’ll update as soon as we can.

And finally – for our Sneak Peek – we’re going to DISNEYWORLD. Our next episode will be all about our favorite Disney things, including how we manage it while on plan with Weight Watchers.

And speaking of Disney – did you know that Tab can now plan your Disney vacation? Reach out to her at her Facebook page or website for a free, no-obligation quote!

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