Episode 16: The Simply Filling Experiment

Hey folks! Are you ready to hear about Greg & Tab’s experience at the Night Nation Run in Chicago? Well, buckle up and get ready to laugh along, because they have opinions about it! So many opinions.


After that, slide on over to the Weigh In, and hear how Greg and Tab are faring on Lifetime. Some might say that Lifetime is harder than the weight loss journey. We won’t say that. We don’t want to scare you. Just listen.

We check in with Tab; who, now that she’s Lifetime, apparently feels it necessary to fix what isn’t broken… She’s spending some time experimenting with Weight Watcher’s Simply Filling program to see if that is a good fit. Hear how it’s been going so far. (hint: pretty good)

There’s also a wee Recipe Corner easter egg in there if you want to listen for it. The recipe for Sautéed Beef and Tomatoes can be found on Weight Watcher’s site, and it’s really, really yummy.

Finally, our Sneak Peek has us looking forward to our show (tonight! at iO’s Jason Chin Harold Cabaret) and our trip to Florida to visit family and a few well-deserved days at Walt Disney World. Be sure to be following us on the sosh-meeds to get all the lowdown on how we’re staying on plan while we travel.

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