Episode 15: Wifetime Lifetime?

This week, we hear how Tab’s last minute race – the Cinco de Miler turned out. Spoiler: it was a lot of fun, and there were tacos and epic race photos – which for some reason we can’t upload here. We’ll post them on Insta.

Greg and Tab also share how their first BBQ of the season went. Were they successful at keeping points-friendly? You be the judge.

Moving on to the Weigh In: this is Tab’s final week of Maintenance. Does she make Lifetime? (If you follow Tab on Connect, you already know!)

In the Freestyle section, we go over the idea of what to do “Instead of Eating”. This is always a challenging topic, so we’d love your feedback.

We also give you the low-down on our first Instagram Poll – Nutter Butter Bites? Are they worth it?

In Recipe Corner, we revisit the cookbook: Run Fast, Eat Slow and share their easily adaptable Fish Tacos with Mango-Avocado Salsa. We cut the olive oil, and used an Ole Wrap instead of corn tortillas, but this was a quick and easy meal that was packed with flavor. If you want to purchase a copy of Run Fast Eat Slow, please consider purchasing it via our “Tools” page (which contains affiliate links). Any proceeds will help us cover the costs of running our podcast! We will continue to add helpful products we actually use and recommend.

In our Sneak Peek: We have a show coming up! At 10:30pm on May 23, we’ll be going bonkers at the Jason Chin Harold Cabaret in the iO Theater, Chicago. Tickets are $10 and available online or at the door. It’s sketch, songs and a little bit of improv, so if you’re in town and like comedy, come check us out!

We’re also headed to Florida to visit family and spend a few days at Walt Disney World. Do you have any questions about doing Disney on Weight Watchers? Do you have any hot tips? What would you like to know? We’ll report live as much as we can!

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