Episode 14: Ramping up for Spring

Hi friends!

In this week’s intro we talk about how we’re introducing different kinds of activities into our workouts (and lives), and spend a minute acknowledging that some of you are interested in talking about healthy fats, and what that even means for our journey on Weight Watchers. We’re going to dig into that topic a little more in coming episodes.

We also have a very drama-filled weigh in for you. Tab is on week 5 of Maintenance, how’s that going? And even more dramatic – how was Greg’s first weigh in as a Lifetime Member?

The Weigh In also leads us into our Freestyle talk, where the topic is Scale Standoff – how to handle a plateau. We’ve talked about this topic a lot lately, and this week we reinforce the tools you can use.

Greg’s at the Farmer’s Market

Greg took a trip to our local Farmer’s Market for the new segment “Farmer’s Market Finds”, and came home with a bunch of ramps. What are they? What do they taste like? How do you use them? We’ll let you know!

You guys, Tab is super excited about this week’s recipe corner. You can find the recipe for Run Fast Eat Slow’s Wild Salmon Sweet Potato Cakes by clicking on this link.  (Sorry for the external link, but since we don’t have permission from the publisher to reprint it, we’d rather be safe than sorry!)

What we did differently: We replaced the almond flour with Quest Multipurpose Baking Mix, and instead of frying the cakes in oil, we placed them on a pan in our air fryer and cooked on 4 minutes per side.

They were so delicious, we ate them up before snapping a picture. What’s wrong with us?

Finally, our sneak peek of next week’s episode – Tab’s running the Cinco de Miler 5 mile race, we make Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa, we share our BBQ report, and… drumroll… will Tab stick the landing and make Lifetime?

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