Episode 13: Flamin’ Hot BBQ Tips!

We’re super pleased to bring you Episode 13!

We give a shout-out to some listeners (hi, Spain!) and share how we did with our Race Against Extinction 5K race goals.

We beat Extinction!

In the Weigh In, we check in with Greg to see how he’s doing on Lifetime, and find out how Tab’s Maintenance is going. Only a few more weeks!

Our Freestyle discussion centers around how hard it can be to be kind to yourself, and how we can start going about that.

Guess what? It’s just about warm enough here in Chicago to BBQ, and so we’ve busted out our Flamin’ Hot BBQ Tips! Little bits of advice we have to keep your gatherings on the Weight Watchers-friendly tip. We’re just getting started on this topic. We want your feedback so we can all plan for success this summer and make it the best season yet!

In Recipe Corner, we get you started on your healthy BBQ season by encouraging you to adapt this Martha Stewart New England Grilled Seafood Bake by trimming back the butter and/or using Brummel and Brown instead. It’s one of our favorites because it’s so easy, but it tastes so decadent. We’ve used salmon and cod in this packet, and they’re both equally good. Try your own favorite fish!

Look at these fancy beauties!

Finally, our sneak peek: it’s farmer’s market season and ramp season, so we’re going to figure out what ramps are, and how to cook them! We’ll have that next episode!

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