Episode Nine: Making Workouts Bearable

Hey Friends! We’re ONE episode away from the big Number Ten! Can you believe it?

This week we give you a quick run-down on how we did at the Shamrock Shuffle 8K (get it? RUN-down?). How was our run? You tell us.

We had a blast at the Shamrock Shuffle.
Right: 3 days before we started Weight Watchers Left: 8 months in

Next, we check in on our weigh ins. Where are we? How’s Greg’s maintenance coming?

We also talk through the Freestyle topic: Speak Up for Yourself. Long story short, back up, Aunt Ellen!

Then we get into it – our tips for making working out bearable! Do you dread exercise? Have a listen and see if our tips help you out at all.

We mention a very fun app to help you along in your run or your walk, inspired by a zombie story, and remind you of the coupon code you can use (WATCH20) on a Original Worm massage roller.

It hurts so good.

That’s a wrap for this week. Don’t forget to find us on the sosh-meeds to let us know with any questions you may have for us for our Ask Us Anything on Episode Ten. You can leave a comment here, use the feedback form on our website (www.watchinweight.com) or at any of our sosh-meeds profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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