Introducing Watchin’ Weight – the Podcast

Meet Tab & Greg

Welcome friends, to our sneak-peek episode of Watchin’ Weight – The Podcast.

In today’s mini-episode, we introduce ourselves and what you can expect when you tune in over the coming weeks when we talk about our experiences with Weight Watchers, weight-loss and living that sweet, sweet Freestyle life.

Join us, won’t you?

4 thoughts on “Introducing Watchin’ Weight – the Podcast

  1. Buddy is the best….so well behaved. Love the sound effects! And chocolate and mint are divine together….Greg, I too used to be “keep them separate” but Frango mints changed my taste buds. You are both adorable!! Thank you….I want someone to bring me an egg roll in a bowl RIGHT NOW! xo

    1. Diane! Thank you so much for listening! And thank you for setting Greg straight on the divinity of chocolate and mint together.
      Let’s just say the Egg Roll Bowl is a revelation!

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